Elephant Kills Woman On Way to Work

A woman was killed by an elephant while en route to work in the village of Kadaba, India on February 20. Elephant Attacks Multiple People The victim, identified as 20-year-old Ranjita by local media, was attacked by the elephant, and when 55-year-old Ramesh Rai Naila came to her aid upon hearing her screams, he too was attacked by the animal. Naila passed away at the … Continue reading Elephant Kills Woman On Way to Work

‘Crying Indian’ Clean Air Ad Now Deemed “Inappropriate”

An old TV PSA promoting a clean environment is retired because the new owner of the commercial said the message of clean air is ‘inappropriate’. Crying Indian Who Cares For Environment Is “Inappropriate” Ever since its introduction in 1971, a television commercial advocating against pollution has ingrained itself in popular culture. The ad features a man dressed in Native American attire shedding a lone tear … Continue reading ‘Crying Indian’ Clean Air Ad Now Deemed “Inappropriate”

Boulder Crashes Into Hawaii Home

A 5-foot boulder came barreling into a Hawaii home, leaving the family is in shock. Boulder Rocks Unsuspecting Resident The residents of a home in Hawaii are reeling from a startling event in which a 5-foot boulder unexpectedly entered their residence. On Sunday evening in Honolulu, Caroline Sasaki was entering her living room when the massive rock made impact with her home. The boulder had … Continue reading Boulder Crashes Into Hawaii Home