A man was who was fast sleep in a Hilton hotel in downtown Nashville was assaulted by a hotel manager who allegedly sucked on his toes while sleeping.

There’s No Tip Toeing Around This Story – Here’s The Scoop

Peter Brennan was sleeping in his hotel room when he awoke to find David Neal, the hotel manager, sucking his toes.

The victim immediately jumped up and questioned Neal, who was wearing a uniform and name tag but refused to answer any questions.

The incident has led to Neal being charged with aggravated burglary and assault by the police.

Brennan has filed a lawsuit against Hilton for the incident, citing the criminal record of the manager as an act of malfeasance on the company’s part.

Michael Fisher, Brennan’s attorney with the Rocky McElhaney Law Firm, stated that they found multiple crimes, including felonies and court decisions, which raise concerns about the hotel’s hiring process.

Fisher added hotels must be careful about who they grant access to in creating guest key cards for any room in the hotel. Brennan has expressed his fear of sleeping, even in his own home, after the incident.

In response to the incident, Hilton stated the hotel is independently owned and operated by a third party, and no Hilton entity employs staff at the property.

The management of the Nashville hotel also issued a statement, emphasizing the safety and security of guests and team members as their highest priority.

This incident serves as a reminder for hotels to review their security protocols and background check policies to ensure the safety of their guests.

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