Substitute Teacher Caught Cheating With Her Student

A married Nebraska teacher was found naked in an SUV with a teen student who tried to flee in the automobile, but crashed before running from the scene unclothed, law enforcement authorities said.

Erin Ward, 45, who works as a substitute teacher, was arrested early Saturday morning after she was found nude with a male student, 17, who attends the Omaha high school where she teaches, according to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies responded about 3 a.m. to a call regarding a suspicious vehicle that was parked at a dead end road near North 189 Street, reported KLKN.

Upon arrival, deputies saw two individuals in the backseat of an SUV. As they began to investigate, a panicked 17-year-old male hopped into the drivers seat and sped away.

However, the teen only made it about two blocks before crashing into a yard and fleeing on foot wearing no clothes.

Meanwhile, deputies made contact with Ward who was busy trying to get dressed in the backseat. She reportedly acknowledges engaging the boy in sexual intercourse.

Erin Ward was reportedly found having sex with a student in her car over the weekend. (X / erineward1212)

Ward was in possession of identification from Omaha Public Schools, where she works as a substitute teacher, including Burke High School, where the male teen was later identified as a student, KLKN reported.

Erin Ward was a substitute teacher at Burke High School in Omaha. (Google Maps)

About an hour into the search for the fleeing teen, deputies found him hiding in a yard wearing a t-shirt, boxers, and socks.

The crashed automobile driven by the teen actually belonged to Ward and her spouse, reported the New York Post.

The teen and Ward were both treated for minor injuries as a result of the crash.

Ward was subsequently arrested and booked for one count of felony sexual abuse by a school employee.

The sheriff’s office notified OPS of the arrest.

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