Doctor Sued For Decapitating Newborn, Tried ‘Covering It Up’

A couple in Georgia claims their doctor decapitated their baby during delivery and that the doctor and hospital staff tried to cover it up.

Here’s What Happened

Warning: This article contains graphic information.

A lawsuit filed on Wednesday in Clayton County court claims health professionals at Southern Regional Medical Center incorrectly delivered a baby, resulting in decapitation and then tried to cover it up.

During the attempted delivery, “the baby did not properly descend due to shoulder dystocia,” a condition when a baby’s shoulders become stuck in the vaginal canal, the lawsuit says.

The physician “failed to practice according to medical standards,” the complaint reads.

“When the womb was open, the feet came out, the body came out, and there was no head,” said Dr. Roderick Edmond, who is representing the Clayton County couple.

The complaint says the doctor “grossly” and “negligently applied excessive traction” on the head and neck of the baby and “failed to do a Cesarean section in a timely and proper manner, resulting in Treveon Isaiah Taylor Jr.’s decapitation and death.”

According to statements, the young couple asked for a C-section much sooner than it was ever delivered while the baby was viable.

According to a statement from the family’s spokesperson, when Ross and Taylor “demanded to see and hold their baby, hospital staff told them that they were not allowed to touch or hold their child.”

“Hospital staff allowed the young couple to only view their dead child,” the statement from the family’s spokesperson reads.

“During this viewing, their baby was wrapped tightly in a blanket with his head propped on top of his body in a manner such that those viewing him could not identify that he had been decapitated,” according to the statement.

The couple reportedly didn’t learn about the decapitation until four days after delivery.

The negligence and fraud suit names several defendants, including the hospital, a doctor, several nurses and the medical group at large, a statement from law firm Edmond & Lindsay, LLP said.

The complaint asks for compensatory and punitive damages, in addition to recovering the $10,000 cost of their son’s funeral and burial.

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