Busted: Trucker Disguises Cannabis as Frozen Waffles

By Alex Steele Aug9,2023 #Cannibis #Drugs

A truck driver was arrested trying to cross into Buffalo, N.Y., with about $2M marijuana and ketamine, hidden as a shipment of “waffles.”

Here’s What Happened

Canadian truck driver Ajaypal Dhillon was found with over 2,092 pounds of marijuana and over 112 pounds of ketamine hidden in boxes inside of his trailer, reported The Buffalo News.

The contraband was found during a Customs and Border Patrol officers search as Dhillon crossed the Peace Bridge into Buffalo, New York, on July 27th. 

A Trail of Deceit

U.S Customs and Border Protection had contacted Homeland Security Investigations on June 22 after a shipper’s CTPAT audit identified four fraudulent entries using their company name, invoices, and customs broker, according to a criminal complaint filed with the United States District Court for the Western District of New York.

All four entries included the same purchase order number, seal number, and entered value – and none of the shipments arrived at the company’s warehouse.

Surprise – No Waffles

The shipper confirmed the waffles were fraudulent and upon inspection border agents found 2,089 of a “green leafy substance consistent with marijuana” and 110 pounds of ketamine, according to the release.

Investigators learned the accused had been behind five prior fraudulent shipments.

Dhillon has been charged with possessing marijuana with the intent to distribute it and knowingly importing marijuana into the U.S.

The release states the charges carry a mandatory minimum penalty of five years in prison, a maximum of 40 years, and a $5 million fine.

He remains in custody and has a detention hearing scheduled for August 3rd in federal court in Buffalo.

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