Texas Teacher Disciplined for Educating Students on ‘Legal Constitutional Rights’

A third-grade teacher in Austin, Texas, has recently received backlash for the way she conducts her class, as well as her attire.

Here’s What Happened

A third-grade teacher named Sophia DeLoretto-Chudy at Becker Elementary School in Austin, TX says she is under fire for teaching kids that they are afforded rights under the U.S. Constitution.

Sophie Marie has been accused of “intentionally” teaching her students about their legal and constitutional rights.


you’d think I was teaching way out west but this is downtown Austin… #TeachingTexas

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Sophie shared her experience in a video, in which she detailed being called in for a “check-in meeting” with her administrator, who presented her with a list of concerns.

Sophie questioned why teaching students about their rights is viewed as a concern.

Many social media users were upset that the educational system in Texas is stifling the practices of educators like Sophie.

Others were not surprised, given the state’s reputation. Sophie has been outspoken about human rights on her social media platforms and believes that young students should be taught about their own rights.

Despite the backlash, educators like Sophie deserve an even greater platform. Stifling their practices feels dangerously ill-advised, and their integrity should be valued rather than seen as a threat to the development of youth.

Over the past decade, emphasis on hard skills, understanding facts, and critical thinking have been in retrograde. 

Official measures of achievement have continued to slip, not only against former American norms but against competitors and adversaries, such as China.

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