Survey Says Gen Z Hardest Generation to Work With ‘They lack discipline‘

A new survey given to business leaders showed that by far Gen Z workers are the most challenging to work with.

Managers and Leaders Prefer Working With Non-Gen Z’ers

According to a recent survey conducted by ResumeBuilder, nearly 75% of managers and business leaders report that working with Gen Z employees is more difficult than working with other generations.

The survey, which focused on individuals born after 1997, revealed that 49% of respondents found it challenging to work with Gen Z all or most of the time.

The study also found that a number of managers believe that Gen Z employees lack essential skills, including communication, effort, motivation, and even technological know-how.

These challenges are serious enough that 20% of managers and business leaders surveyed reported having to terminate a Gen Z employee within a week of their start date. After a month, that number rose to 27%.

Gen Z Is Getting a Bad Rap

One of the top reasons cited for the termination of Gen Z employees was their tendency to be “too easily offended.” Akpan Ukeme, head of HR at SGK Global Shipping Services, expressed frustration with Gen Z employees, saying that they can be “exhausting” to work with due to their lack of discipline and tendency to challenge authority.

These findings suggest that Gen Z employees may require additional support and guidance from their employers and supervisors in order to succeed in the workplace.

As more and more members of this generation enter the workforce, it will be increasingly important for businesses to adapt and develop strategies for effectively managing and motivating this unique demographic.

“I’ve butted heads more than once with a Gen Z employee, because since our company is online-based, they think they know everything about the digital world and that they can teach me. They think they’re better than you, smarter than you, more capable than you, and they will tell you to your face,” he added.

Baby Boomers Come In 2nd Place 

The only other generation that came close to Gen Z’s unpopularity was Baby Boomers. 

“Of respondents who say Gen Z is the most difficult generation to work with, 34% say they prefer to work with Millennials, 30% with Gen X, and 4% with Baby Boomers,” the survey concluded. 

Experts suggest that COVID-19 and remote work may be contributing to Gen Z’s difficulties in adjusting to the workplace, according to Stacie Haller, chief career advisor.

While the pandemic has undoubtedly affected all generations, Gen Z has been particularly impacted, as many of them were just entering the workforce when the pandemic hit. The sudden shift to remote work and the challenges that came with it may have left many Gen Z employees struggling to adapt.

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