Mattel releases a new Barbie doll that is supposed to represent people who have been diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

Barbie Sells New Doll with Downs syndrome

Mattel has unveiled its latest addition to the Barbie Fashionistas line, a Barbie doll that represents individuals with Down syndrome.

The new doll hopes break the stigma surrounding physical disabilities and handicaps.

Mattel has previously released dolls with a range of physical disabilities, including dolls with prosthetic legs, hearing aids, and wheelchairs.

The latest Barbie Fashionista has been developed in collaboration with the National Down Syndrome Society, ensuring that the doll accurately represents the physical and facial features of individuals with Down syndrome.

Downs syndrome and Mattel

Down syndrome is a genetic condition that affects cognitive abilities, causing mild to severe learning disabilities and distinctive facial characteristics.

Mattel has worked closely with the National Down Syndrome Society to ensure that the new doll’s shape, features, clothing, accessory, and packaging accurately represent individuals with Down syndrome.

The new Barbie Fashionista has been warmly received by disability rights groups, who have praised Mattel’s efforts to promote inclusivity and representation.

The new doll is expected to be a popular addition to the Barbie Fashionistas line, which continues to set new standards in promoting diversity and inclusivity in the toy industry.

Barbie Has Changed Over The Years

Barbie has long been criticized for it’s image of femininity, with its early dolls being different than today’s dolls. In recent years, and to keep up with the WHO’s model of what worldly citizens look like, Mattel has made efforts to change the Barbie’s body by introducing dolls with more ‘realistic body types’ and a range of skin tones, hairstyles, and different eye colors.

The newest Fashionista doll is the result of collaboration with medical professionals, and depicts the physical features of people with Down syndrome.

The doll has a shorter frame, a longer torso, and a rounder face with slightly slanted almond-shaped eyes. Her palms feature a single line, which is often associated with Down syndrome.

In addition to her physical appearance, the new Barbie comes with pink ankle foot orthotics to match her dress and sneakers with a zipper. This feature represents the orthotics often used by children with Down syndrome to support their feet and ankles.

Mattel said the new Barbie’s puff sleeved dress pattern features butterflies and yellow and blue colors, which are symbols and colors associated with Down syndrome awareness.

Some Barbie fans say the doll still doesn’t represent someone with Down syndrome.

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