Bye-Bye Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon

By Alex Steele Apr25,2023 #CNN #FOX #News #News Anchor

News anchors Don Lemon and Tucker Carlson both said goodbye to their TV stations, shocking the nation on both the left and right.

Don Lemon

Don Lemon was one of the most famous news anchors on CNN, but recently has come under fire for his behavior on set towards guests and his coworkers.

Lemon anchored “CNN This Morning” with Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins.

On April 24, 2023 he and CNN parted ways. Here is the official announcement from CNN:

“Don will forever be a part of the CNN family, and we thank him for his contributions over the past 17 years,” said CNN CEO Chris Licht in a memo to staff. “We wish him well and will be cheering him on in his future endeavors.”

Below is Don Lemon’s post regarding his departure.

After Lemon’s statement, CNN fired back at his accusations:

CNN rebutted Lemon, calling his version of events “inaccurate.”

“He was offered an opportunity to meet with management but instead released a statement on Twitter,” the network said in a statement.

Some people believe that his recent behavior created the last straw of his employment at CNN.

Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson, born May 16, 1969, parted ways with Fox Media as of Monday, April 24th.

Here’s the official statement from Fox:

“We thank him for his service to the network as a host and prior to that as a contributor,” a FOX News Media spokesperson said in a statement. 

This was Carlson’s last aired moment from Fox News:

Carlson has not released a personal statement since his departure.

An interim program, “Fox News Tonight,” will air at 8 p.m. ET until a permanent replacement for Carlson is named. 

This is a developing story.

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