Direct Deposits Missing From Wells Fargo Bank Accounts

Some Wells Fargo customers are complaining that their direct deposits have disappeared from their bank accounts.

Here’s What Happened

On Thursday, a torrent of customers contacted Wells Fargo via Twitter, now officially branded as ‘X,’ claiming they could not access the money they deposited into the bank.

It was unclear how widespread the problem was Thursday night, but as of Friday, customer complaints about the issue were still being posted on social media, and the bank continued to respond that it was working on a fix.

Wells Fargo Is Fixing The Issue

“Wells Fargo is aware that some customers’ deposit transactions are not showing on their accounts. The issue will be resolved as soon as possible. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience,” Julia Tunis Bernard, a Wells Fargo spokesperson, told CNN.

Wells Fargo suffered a similar issue earlier this year in March when several customers were unable to see their direct deposit in their accounts. 

The banking issues come less than two weeks after an unexplained outage at Chase Bank led to interruptions for users of the Zelle payment network, who took to social media to complain.

Bank Under Fire For More “Fake” Accounts

The new NBC report alleges that a number of people have reported discovering new Wells Fargo accounts in their name that they did not open. 

One of those people with an account in his name that he did not open, Jay Patterson, works as a forensic accountant helping consumer lawyers investigate big banks.

“Other consumers, in public complaints to regulators, have detailed similarly mysterious Wells Fargo bank accounts, raising fresh questions, experts say, about compliance and risk management at a bank that has been rocked by scandals in recent years,” NBC reported.

The difference between these new fake accounts and the previous scandal is that these are accounts created for people who are not Wells Fargo customers. In the previous scandal, the company’s employees were adding new accounts for existing customers.

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