There's no doubt that Chinese spies are among unsuspecting Americans. Recently two US Navy sailors have been charged with being a Chinese spy.

There’s no doubt that Chinese spies are among unsuspecting Americans. Recently two US Navy sailors have been charged with being a Chinese spy.

Rise In Chinese Spying

Communist China wants world power. Their main opponent in that quest is the United States, which is why China has been finding any and all ways possible to spy on the US and its citizens.

Service members say that suspected Chinese spies disguised as tourists have repeatedly attempted to enter US military bases in Alaska in recent years.

American troops say that Chinese citizens have been apprehended trying to gain entry at bases like Fort Wainwright in Fairbanks, where soldiers once searched a vehicle that had blown past a checkpoint and found a drone.

How Are They Spying On Us?

According to recent reports, China took advantage of an issue that Microsoft Cloud had to hack into top US government accounts. Interestingly, this flaw was found in Microsoft, shortly after Bill Gates praised Chinese dictator Xi Jinping and Klaus Schwab.

The Microsoft hacker group, Volt Typhoon, is believed to be behind the mysterious computer code discovered in telecommunications systems across the United States, including Guam. Organizations believed to be affected span various sectors, including information technology, education, communications, maritime, government, manufacturing, utilities, transportation, and construction.

You may recall not long ago when the US found that China set up a spy base in Cuba. It turns out that China’s espionage efforts in Cuba targeting the United States are not recent and date back at least three decades.

The revelations of the long-term foothold of Chinese spy agencies in Cuba come after new intelligence reported by the Wall Street Journal suggested Cuban and Chinese officials were discussing building a spy base and a military training facility on the island and paying billions of dollars to Cuba in exchange.

Social Credit Already Here

A video making the rounds on social media showed the latest tactic in China’s formalized system to control and spy on its own population — social credit.

The alert reportedly happens when someone with bad financial credit (a massive social credit violation in China) phones you. The accompanying message purportedly warns you to urge the person on the other line to pay their debts. 

Most Americans don’t think communist parties would use technology, coercion, and social pressure to conform behaviors and take away wealth building opportunities. It is true, and experts say the Chinese-style social credit system has already landed in America.  

These social credit initiatives come for your freedoms, including your wealth. They attack your social standing and access – the opportunities for you to create wealth. They come after your livelihood – your path to wealth. And, most directly, they come after your assets, which is your wealth, your legacy and your family’s future. 

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