Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates announced he is meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday, the latest high-profile business person to meet with China.

Bill Gates’s Trip to Communist China

Microsoft Founder Bill Gates is in China for what he said are meetings with global health and development partners who have worked with his charitable foundation.

“Solving problems like climate change, health inequity, and food insecurity requires innovation,” Gates tweeted. “From developing malaria drugs to investing in climate adaptation, China has a lot of experience in that. We need to unlock that kind of progress for more people around the world.”

The meeting will be Xi’s first with a foreign CEO in recent years because he stopped traveling overseas for almost three years after China shut its borders during the pandemic.

Reuters said it could be a one-on-one meeting.

Gates and Xi last met in 2015, and in 2020, Xi wrote a letter thanking him and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for pledging some $5 million to the country in its fight against COVID-19.

American Business Leaders Like Visiting China

Within weeks of China reopening its borders in March, Apple CEO Tim Cook attended the China Development Forum 2023, a government-organized annual business conference. 

In the two months that followed, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger, Starbucks CEO Laxman Narasimhan, and Starbucks founder and chairman emeritus Howard Schultz all paid visits to China.

Fellow tech billionaire Elon Musk recently made a three-day visit to the communist nation, where he checked in on the electric vehicle giant’s operations and met with China’s foreign minister.

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon also visited China earlier this month during a trip to Asia to meet with employees and in neighboring democratic self-governing Taiwan.

Gates Isn’t Always Welcomed

Bill Gates isn’t always welcomed….everywhere….especially by regular citizens worldwide who don’t appreciate his hard work injecting vaccines into world citizens, putting mRNA into food and cattle, and creating GMO mosquitoes, among other projects to protect people.

Although Bill Gates is a revered businessman because of his seemingly big wins at Microsoft, he also had an interesting childhood and upbringing with his father, who helped run Planned Parenthood (founded under the eugenics mindset), and his mother, who helped run IBM (a company who created programs and machines to support Hitler’s agenda.

Check out this video for more information if you haven’t heard about those tidbits.

This Twitter user noted Gates’s excitement for “next year’s” vaccine financial forecast.

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