Snake Wraps Leg Of Elderly Man While Sleeping

A 68-year-old man from Thailand and a former monk woke up in his home to find a snake wrapped around his leg that he bit in self-defense.

Elderly Man Survives Sleeping With Snake Wrapped Around Leg

An elderly man from a town in Samut Prakan, Thailand woke up to find a python wrapped around his leg when he woke up from pain, while taking a nap.

Before his nap, workers at the factory where Malachan worked had destroyed a tamarind tree, which they found was home to two pythons and their eggs. The pythons were removed and tossed into the nearby forest using a backhoe.

After going to bed, Malachan said he’d felt a weight on his chest and initially wondered if it was some evil spirit in the night. But to his shock, he found a giant python — presumably one of the exiled pair — attacking him.

While struggling to fend off the creature, the elderly man was bitten in the foot and almost struck by the python’s tail.

Malachan cried out for help, but when no one responded, he tried to wrestle himself free, which only caused the snake to squeeze tighter. He worried that he might lose his leg because no one answered his calls for help. 

With no other options and running out of time, Malachan bit the snake back. 

“I was so desperate that I even bit it, but it worked, and I was able to break free,” Sarayuth Malachan, a security guard who lives in Thailand, told Viral Press. “It felt like I was going to die while fighting the python.”

The bite caused the snake to loosen its grip, and Malachan was able to finally reach down and grab the snake by the head.

“If I didn’t fight, I’d be dead. I could barely breath,” he explained to the media. “Since a python’s weakness is its tail, just bite at it. I grabbed its tail and bit, and it let me go.”

According to reports, Malachan had been an ordained monk in the past and had even kept several snakes as pets, from which he gained considerable knowledge about the creatures.

This probably ended up saving his life.

After dragging the snake outside, he was able to get help to take the snake to the nearby police station and file a report. 

The snake, identified as a reticulated python, is common throughout Southeast Asia and ranks as one of the world’s largest snakes, often eating humans, house pets and other snakes. 

Malachan believes the snake entered his home to try and eat the chickens he keeps in the back of his room. 

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