Biden Blunders and Harris Ha-Ha’s

President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have been busy solving America’s problems, and we’ve captured some entertaining moments along the way. Here’s The Latest In this clip, one person says Vice President Harris seems a little on edge stating that her mother said “did you fall out of a coconut tree?” Harris tells her audience that small business owners self-identify as entrepreneurs. Kamala visited … Continue reading Biden Blunders and Harris Ha-Ha’s

Watch: Biden’s Blunders Keep On Coming

It’s time to release the latest round of Biden’s most recent blunders. Let’s take a look at a few humorous clips from the past few weeks. Biden’s Most Recent Funny Blunders Biden never seems to fail to give us enough content for our humorous Biden Blunders articles, and this time is no different. Enjoy! Here are a few of our President’s latest funny moments: In … Continue reading Watch: Biden’s Blunders Keep On Coming

“Let’s Go Lick the World”, Biden’s Blunders in Ireland

America’s President, Joe Biden, his son Hunter and his sister Valerie are currently enjoying their stay in Ireland, while we enjoy a few Biden blunders. Biden’s Trip to Ireland and His Most Recent Blunders Joe Biden on Thursday attended a banquet dinner at Dublin Castle after delivering a disastrous speech before the Irish Parliament. In one of his speeches, Joe Biden said his grandfather compared him to … Continue reading “Let’s Go Lick the World”, Biden’s Blunders in Ireland

Biden’s Trouble Reciting a Short Poem

President Joe Biden presented singer Gladys Knight with a medal, and tried reading a poem twice, but blundered both times. Biden Presents Gladys Knight With Medal President Joe Biden held a ceremony to hand out the Presidential Medal of Arts, and the Presidential Medal of Humanities to several recipients. They included Bruce Springsteen, Gladys Knight, and 20 other recipients. A full list can be found … Continue reading Biden’s Trouble Reciting a Short Poem

President Biden’s Recent Blunders

Joe Biden’s physician gave the president a clean bill of health, saying he’s healthy and vigorous. We’d add Biden is also entertaining! Joe Biden’s Recent Blunders Biden recently visited Ukraine to hand over another $500 million in aid and a promise of weaponry to fight Russia and stopped in Poland. During his trip to Ukraine, reporters said he met Ukrainian leader Zalensky in an active … Continue reading President Biden’s Recent Blunders

Biden Gets Help From “President” Harris to Finish Short Sentence

Yesterday America’s most voted-for President of the United States made several remarks about current events across the country in a press conference. Biden addressed the southern border and announced he would visit El Paso next week. ABC 7 reports, “The Biden administration on Thursday said it would immediately begin turning away Cubans, Haitians and Nicaraguans who cross the U.S.-Mexico border illegally, a major expansion of … Continue reading Biden Gets Help From “President” Harris to Finish Short Sentence