“Let’s Go Lick the World”, Biden’s Blunders in Ireland

America’s President, Joe Biden, his son Hunter and his sister Valerie are currently enjoying their stay in Ireland, while we enjoy a few Biden blunders.

Biden’s Trip to Ireland and His Most Recent Blunders

Joe Biden on Thursday attended a banquet dinner at Dublin Castle after delivering a disastrous speech before the Irish Parliament.

In one of his speeches, Joe Biden said his grandfather compared him to a revolutionary warlord who was shot dead: “Joey, I worry about you. You’re too much like that guy who led the Revolution. You gotta be less like the military guy. They shot him.”

You can watch the speech, here, of his address to Irish Parliament:

Biden brings up ‘climate change’, world initiatives, seems to jump around with topics, and shockingly mentions that it should be his late son Beau, to give the speech there at Parliament, and not him.

In another clip, Biden ends his speech saying “Let’s go lick the world.”

Joe Biden isn’t the only one who wants to lick something. If you missed the controversial and disturbing video of the Dalai Lama asking a boy to suck his tongue, see the Twitter post below.

Here’s a clip where Biden doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense, but you be the judge – watch below.

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