Biden’s Recent Presidential Blunders

From time to time, the Commander in Chief gives us a reason to chuckle, whether he’s on stage or getting out of an airplane.

Here’s The Latest Biden Blunders

During President Joe Biden’s remarks on investing in rural America, Joe struggled to read his teleprompter and stated, “farmers get about 18 cents for every federal dollar, every (unintelligible) every dollar they had… sometimes, they get less.. Than that… (unintelligible).”

Later on in his remarks, Joe stated, “Inflation is coming down … This is no accident, it’s Bidenomics!”

During recent remarks to Jewish leaders following the Hamas terror attacks against Israel, President Joe Biden struggled to speak.

At one point in his speech, Biden gave up attempting to speak mid-sentence. The President can be quoted as saying, “I’ll never forget. Well, I won’t go into that. Anyway…”

During his remarks at the 2023 Human Rights Campaign Dinner, Biden seemed especially fired up. He went on several strange tangents and even began screaming towards the end of his speech.

President Biden stated, “For some of you who are closer to my age, it wasn’t easy to do.”

Joe continued, “No, I’m not joking. You lose your job, you get beat up, you got.. Uh… uh…uh.. Whole different circumstance.”

As if this weren’t enough of a blunder for Joe, after a member of the audience yelled out to Biden, he responded, “Well, I tell you what, I’ve been here every time you’ve invited me. Be careful, I’m like a poor relative. I show up when I’m invited.”

Upon his arrival during his last visit to Israel, President Joe Biden appeared extremely confused. As Biden walked off of Air Force One, he asked those gathered, “What am I doing now?”

Biden’s sidekick, Kamala Harris, recently went on a tour called Fight For Freedoms College in Nevada. Below, you can hear her saying, “I eat no for breakfast.”

Kamala said, “Don’t hear no! Always believe in what can be, unburdened by what has been.” Though not a shocking statement coming from VP Harris, it still raises the question of whom the Biden Administration is answering to.

In the following clip, you’ll see Kamala and her moderator continue their laughter for a few moments, followed by what has to be one of the most poorly executed high-five’s ever performed.

We hope you enjoyed this latest edition of It’s On News Biden’s Blunders.

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