A woman was killed by an elephant while en route to work in the village of Kadaba, India on February 20.

Elephant Attacks Multiple People

The victim, identified as 20-year-old Ranjita by local media, was attacked by the elephant, and when 55-year-old Ramesh Rai Naila came to her aid upon hearing her screams, he too was attacked by the animal. Naila passed away at the scene, while Ranjita was rushed to the hospital, but unfortunately, she also died on the way there.

Forest officials have assembled a search party to locate the elephant responsible for the attack. On February 21, the team will be joined by five tamed elephants, known as Kumki elephants, which are trained to capture wild elephants that pose a threat to human populations.

Conflict With Elephants

Local residents believe that there are multiple herds of elephants in the nearby villages, and the animal in question likely belongs to one of these groups.

Human-elephant conflict has become increasingly common in India in recent years, largely due to habitat loss resulting from expanding human development projects.

As a result, elephant habitats are shrinking, leading to more frequent interactions between humans and wildlife. Fragmented habitats can also lead to “crop raiding” incidents, in which elephants venture onto farmlands in search of food and water, damaging crops as they do so.

According to experts, climate change may be exacerbating conflicts between elephants and humans.

As the climate warms, elephants may find it increasingly difficult to find the resources they need in their natural habitats, prompting them to venture into populated areas. While elephants are typically peaceful animals, they can become aggressive if provoked or threatened.

Elephants Are Extremely Big

With their enormous size, weighing up to 8,000 pounds, and their trunk’s incredible strength, containing around 40,000 muscles, they can be very dangerous. Moreover, humans often retaliate against elephants that have damaged their crops, which can lead to further conflicts.

In recent years, India has experienced several incidents of human-elephant conflict, including the capture of an elephant in January that had allegedly trampled a man to death and terrorized several villages.

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