Man Found Alive After Medics Pronounced Him Dead

A Florida man was pronounced dead after suffering from cardiac arrest, only to be later found alive. 

Man In Despair

On February 15, Clearwater Fire and Rescue dispatched two medics to a home for a reported cardiac arrest in an unincorporated area of Pinellas County.

The two Florida paramedics have been suspended after the man they declared dead was later discovered to be breathing.

Largo Fire Rescue crews were then called to the home after a deputy discovered the man was still breathing.

What Happened

“His lips were blue and he was cold but I was doing CPR, and my friend was there and she was doing chest compressions,” said the daughter. “His chest was going up and down and he was making noises, so his lungs were working.”

She said that she told them that her father was still breathing, but the medics denied it.

“No ma’am, he’s gone, those are just his body releasing gases,” she recalled them telling her.

The medics pronounced the 65-year-old patient dead “shortly after their arrival,” according to a statement from the department.

After they left, about 28 minutes elapsed, and a fire rescue crew who had gone in to investigate found the deceased man had a pulse and was breathing, just as the daughter said.

Medics On Leave

“Upon notification of this incident, we immediately removed both fire medics from their normal duties and discontinued their abilities to provide patient care, in conjunction with the county’s medical director,” Clearwater Fire Chief Scott Ehlers said in a statement. “On behalf of the city, I apologize for the actions and the inactions of our crew during this incident. We have strict policies and procedures in place that were not followed, according to our preliminary review. These two did not perform to the standard of care that our citizens expect and deserve. We will address this incident swiftly.”

‘On behalf of the city, I apologize for the actions and the inactions of our crew during this incident.

The man was still recovering from cardiac arrest at a hospital as of Saturday.

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