Video: Baby Forced to Vape by Sister

A second appalling video emerged of a baby forced to inhale a vape, days after a similar clip sparked outraged.

Teen Forces Baby to Smoke

The footage shows a 16-year-old Queensland girl showing her baby sister how to vape before handing the e-cigarette to her.

The teenager is then shown laughing as the child imitates her, breathing in and exhaling the toxic vapour before coughing.

The video has circulated widely online before being sent to police.

Babies Vaping Emerging

This wasn’t the first time a baby was vaping forced by an adult.

The video, shared as a Facebook clip, shows the 11-month-old baby from Kepsey in New South Wales being forced, allegedly by another person, to inhale the smoke as his mother watches on.

The baby was seen coughing and sputtering out smoke as laughter was heard in the background.

The mother responded:

‚ÄúPolice have now spoken with the child‚Äôs family and ‚Äď following advice provided by medical professionals and other governmental agencies ‚Äď no further police action will be taken,‚ÄĚ a police statement said on Wednesday.

Health Warnings with Vaping

Last year the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council released a report on e-cigarettes which showed vapes can contain hundreds of dangerous chemicals found in cleaning products, nail polish remover, weed killer and bug spray.

This is found in the vapor, which is made up of various chemicals such as heavy metals – even if it is labelled ‘nicotine free’.

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One thought on “Video: Baby Forced to Vape by Sister”
  1. I’m seeing some really disgusting, classless videos coming out of Australia.
    Perfect example of a society that has transformed to a woke, progressive society.
    Much like where Amerika is going.

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