Zebra Violently Mauls Man’s Arm

A man in Ohio called emergency services for help after a zebra attacked and mauled his arm. Man Attacked by Zebra Pickaway County, Ohio deputies killed a zebra on Sunday evening after it mauled a man’s arm, nearly ripping it from his body. On Sunday around 5:30 p.m., authorities from the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to Circleville, Ohio, following reports of a zebra attack. … Continue reading Zebra Violently Mauls Man’s Arm

13ft Real-life Jaws Mauls Tourist to Death

Chris Davis was swimming at a tourist beach in Noumea, Australia, when a massive 13 foot tiger shark attacked him. Real-Life Jaws Shark Attack in Australia A massive shark measuring 13 feet was recently captured in Australia, just a few days after it attacked and killed a tourist. The victim, Chris Davis, who was 59 years old, had been swimming 150 meters away from the … Continue reading 13ft Real-life Jaws Mauls Tourist to Death

Moose Attacks Idaho Snowmobiler

A moose attack was captured on camera when a group of snowmobilers in eastern Idaho had a close call. Strange Moose Attack Jeremiah Bigelow recounts that during their ride, a moose positioned itself between him and his brother. “Moments before I started filming, the moose charged us but stopped 20 feet from us,” Bigelow wrote on social media. He said he put his snow machine in reverse, … Continue reading Moose Attacks Idaho Snowmobiler

Elephant Kills Woman On Way to Work

A woman was killed by an elephant while en route to work in the village of Kadaba, India on February 20. Elephant Attacks Multiple People The victim, identified as 20-year-old Ranjita by local media, was attacked by the elephant, and when 55-year-old Ramesh Rai Naila came to her aid upon hearing her screams, he too was attacked by the animal. Naila passed away at the … Continue reading Elephant Kills Woman On Way to Work

85-year-old Woman Killed by 10-foot Alligator

An elderly woman in Florida was killed on Monday by an alligator who attacked her while she was walking her dog. Woman Killed by Alligator Neighbors told CBS News that the alligator emerged from the water at her retirement community and suddenly dragged the woman under. The alligator initially grabbed the woman’s dog, then attacked her after she tried to save her pet, CNN affiliate WPTV … Continue reading 85-year-old Woman Killed by 10-foot Alligator