13ft Real-life Jaws Mauls Tourist to Death

Chris Davis was swimming at a tourist beach in Noumea, Australia, when a massive 13 foot tiger shark attacked him.

Real-Life Jaws Shark Attack in Australia

A massive shark measuring 13 feet was recently captured in Australia, just a few days after it attacked and killed a tourist.

The victim, Chris Davis, who was 59 years old, had been swimming 150 meters away from the shore when the predator attacked, resulting in fatal injuries to his thigh, hands, and right arm.

Mr. Davis, a triathlete, was in the middle of a swim at Chateau Royal beach in New Caledonia, Australia, on Sunday, February 19th, when a tiger shark attacked him. The attack was vicious, with the shark biting him twice.

After the attack, lifeguards quickly responded on jet skis, while onlookers watched in horror from the beach. Although they were able to bring him back to shore, attempts to resuscitate Mr. Davis were unsuccessful before the arrival of the ambulance.

In response to this incident, which was the third in three weeks, authorities have decided to implement a cull on bull and tiger sharks.

The Family Mourns

In an emotional statement, Davis’ wife and three sons said they were “deeply mourning the loss of our beloved husband and father”.

Chris Davis

Davis was a “keen triathlete”, and had represented Australia several times in age group world championship events. Mr. Davis was a “senior software programming consultant in the superannuation and funds management industry.”

The family of the Sydney man who was killed in a shark attack in New Caledonia have released a statement about their “beloved” husband and father.

Autopsy Shows First Bite Was Fatal

An autopsy has revealed Davis never stood a chance of survival after the attack.

Public prosecutor Yves Dupas said: “The [first] bite on the major thigh, extending 37 centimeters from the hip to the knee, caused a deep lesion with the section of the femoral artery.

“[The second] also fatal, according to the medical examiner, given the extent of the lesions, concerns the upper limbs, the forearm and the hands.”

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