Zebra Violently Mauls Man’s Arm

A man in Ohio called emergency services for help after a zebra attacked and mauled his arm.

Man Attacked by Zebra

Pickaway County, Ohio deputies killed a zebra on Sunday evening after it mauled a man’s arm, nearly ripping it from his body.

On Sunday around 5:30 p.m., authorities from the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to Circleville, Ohio, following reports of a zebra attack.

In the 911 call, 72-year-old Ronald Clifton reported being attacked by a zebra and urgently requested immediate assistance from the rescue squad.

“I think he tore my arm off…send a chopper,” Clifton said.

When deputies arrived, they found Clifton laying on the ground.

Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office

The Zebra Was Aggressive

Per the police report, a deputy went to place his cruiser between Clifton and the zebras when a male zebra approached the driver’s side door aggressively and exhibited hostile behavior.

The deputy was able to make the zebra retreat by using the cruiser’s siren and air horn, allowing him to access Clifton, whose arm was bleeding below the elbow.

Using a tourniquet just below the shoulder, the deputy managed to stem Clifton’s bleeding and, with the aid of another deputy, escorted him to an ambulance.

Meanwhile, a third deputy who was present at the scene kept an eye on the zebra and reported that one of the workers at the property advised him to euthanize the zebra if required.

When informed of the situation, members of the Clifton family warned the deputy not to turn his back on the zebra as it may attack at any moment, and reiterated to euthanize the zebra if needed.

Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office

Body Camera Captures Zebra

A body camera footage captured the moment when the zebra started walking aggressively towards the deputy, who attempted to scare it away by yelling at it three times.

When the zebra didn’t back down, the deputy pointed a 12-gauge shotgun at its head and fired a slug into its forehead, killing the animal.

The report stated that the male zebra exhibited aggressive behavior as it was protective of the five to six female zebras in the field, as he was the only male in the herd.

Clifton was taken to Grant Hospital in Columbus, Ohio where he was treated for his injuries.

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