Daycare Worker Tapes 2-year-old Girl’s Mouth Shut

A little 2-year-old girl at a daycare in Massachusetts had her mouth taped shut by a daycare worker.

2-year-old’s Mouth Taped by Worker

According to Boston 25 News, a daycare worker in Massachusetts has been taken into custody and accused of taping shut the mouth of a 2-year-old child in her care. Amy Li, who worked at Here We Grow Daycare in Randolph, has been identified as the suspect.

The child’s mother, Nyasia Holmes, stated that Li confessed to the act when she collected her daughter from the facility on the day it occurred, which was last Thursday.

“She was just trying to cover her tracks because there was a person who witnessed what happened to my daughter,” said Holmes.

What Happened

According to Holmes, a colleague of Li’s witnessed the occurrence and notified the director of the daycare. However, Holmes expressed doubt that Li provided her with a truthful account of what happened, particularly since her child had been enrolled at the facility for more than a year.

In a Facebook post, Holmes revealed that a witness informed her that Li utilized masking tape to seal her daughter’s mouth and directed her to sit in a “thinking chair” following a tantrum to prevent her from disturbing the other sleeping children.

“Why did you think it was okay to put a 2-year-old in a thinking chair and obstruct her breathing and talking?” she questioned. “I’m angry that she exposed my child to that type of torture.”

Mother Seeks Justice

Holmes wasted no time in alerting both the Randolph Police Department and the Department of Children and Families about the incident. The following day, she met with the daycare director and Li.

Holmes expressed her desire to understand why she was forced to inform law enforcement about the event rather than the daycare taking responsibility.

She further stated that she is convinced that “this was not an isolated occurrence” and is extremely distressed.

“It’s not okay. You’re not getting away with it. I will get justice for my child,” she told Boston 25 News.

Li is charged with reckless endangerment of a child and assault and battery. She has been issued a summons to appear in Quincy District Court at a later date, according to the outlet.

Similar incidents have occurred at other schools in the U.S. Teachers in both Louisiana and Tennessee were charged in April 2022 after taping students’ mouths shut during class.

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