Dad Bites ‘Ungrateful’ Newborn, Calls Baby ‘Evil’

A newborn baby girl’s father was recently arrested after allegedly biting the baby after telling nurses she was ‘evil’. Dad Bites Newborn Baby A 24-year-old father from Indiana has been apprehended for allegedly biting his recently born daughter numerous times, causing “mouth-shaped bruises” and teeth imprints all over the baby’s physique. According to court documents reviewed by Law&Crime, Gavan Rogers was arrested on Tuesday and … Continue reading Dad Bites ‘Ungrateful’ Newborn, Calls Baby ‘Evil’

Daycare Worker Tapes 2-year-old Girl’s Mouth Shut

A little 2-year-old girl at a daycare in Massachusetts had her mouth taped shut by a daycare worker. 2-year-old’s Mouth Taped by Worker According to Boston 25 News, a daycare worker in Massachusetts has been taken into custody and accused of taping shut the mouth of a 2-year-old child in her care. Amy Li, who worked at Here We Grow Daycare in Randolph, has been … Continue reading Daycare Worker Tapes 2-year-old Girl’s Mouth Shut

Grandma Repeatedly Stabs 7-year-old

A 65-year-old grandma was taken into custody after repeatedly stabbing her 7-year-old granddaughter in the neck. Grandma Stabs Granddaughter NYPD officers responded to a 911 call just after 8 a.m. February 21, regarding an aided individual inside 1317 Clinton Avenue.  The grandma, identified as 65-year-old Maritza Yauger, was taken into police custody and transported to Saint Barnabas Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.  Maritza Yauger would pamper the … Continue reading Grandma Repeatedly Stabs 7-year-old