Thousands of Belgian farmers protest against globalist reset plans, and want the government to understand food is important.

Dutch Farmers Don’t Back Down

During the previous summer, numerous Dutch farmers held demonstrations against new Nitrogen regulations that are predicted by the government to force around 30% of Dutch cattle farms to shut down.

According to farming unions, these proposed reductions disproportionately affect agriculture compared to industry.

In Brussels, Belgium, on Friday, thousands of Belgian farmers participated in the protest against the nitrogen emission limits, causing a standstill of traffic with 2,700 tractors.

By blocking a primary road in the city center, farmers caused significant traffic disturbances and congestion.

Politico reports, “It’s an economic and social catastrophe,” said Nele Kempeneers, a spokesperson for Belgian farmers’ association Boerenbond, one of the unions that organized the protest. “A lot of farms will have to limit the amount of animals that they keep, or simply close down.”

Recent Standoffs

On Friday, a large group of frustrated farmers drove hundreds of tractors to Brussels to protest against a plan to reduce nitrate levels, causing significant traffic chaos in the capital city of Belgium.

According to Brussels police, the BB farmers union and several other groups joined forces to gather over 2,700 farm vehicles for the protest.

As a result, several major roads in Brussels were shut down, and authorities cautioned that the disruptions may persist until the end of the day, advising commuters to use public transportation instead of private cars.

The Flemish regional government is facing challenges in reaching an agreement to reduce nitrate pollution, as farmers object that it would lead to the closure of many farms.

“Fighting Climate Change”

Even Elon Musk doesn’t understand why, in order to fight ‘climate change’ you’d need to stop farmers from producing food.

Farmers argue that their sector is facing much more significant reductions than industry and are advocating for a more balanced distribution of cuts. The prolonged negotiations have put a strain on the regional government of northern Belgium, pushing it to its limit.

The discussion on agricultural pollution is becoming a political matter in several of the European Union’s farming countries.

It will be a critical subject in the Dutch elections in two weeks, and it is also impacting Belgium, another EU nation where intensive farming has caused a rift between environmentalists and the agricultural lobby.

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