Biden’s Food Shortage And How World Leaders Starved Over 55 Million People

By Kate Striker May3,2022
Photo from A great Famine in Soviet Ukraine 1932-33

President Biden recently predicted the United States would soon see a food shortage.

Could this predicted food shortage resemble anything like the famines that occurred between 1920 to 1962, where world leaders starved over 55 million people over food? There’s absolutely no indication this is what will happen in the US….

Biden’s Prediction

Press secretary Jen Psaski stated that the Biden administration doesn’t expect there will be a huge food shortage at home (in the US), and they are working with other world allies and partners.

Communist Leaders Starved Millions

We must not forget what can happen as the result of extreme government control. I’m not saying America’s pending food shortage will result in famine with millions of lives at stake, no, I’m just stating unbelievable history that most media outlets won’t bring up.

Vladimir Lenin, originally Vladimir Illych Ulyanov and a close Karl Marx follower, was important to Russia’s history. In November 1917 he overthrew the Provisional Government and established the first communist government.

He believed peasants were trying to undermind the war effort and felt food should be taken away (in summary). This was easy to do because of the problems caused by WWI, the civil war, and a 1921 drought. Unfortunately, this caused over 30 million Russians to become malnourished.

The Famine of 1932, or the Holodomor, caused 10 million people to die because of Stalin’s government’s management of the crops. It is reported that citizens gave up 14 million acres in cropland to the government which turned it into 200,000 farms run by poorly managed teams, who didn’t have the skills or knowledge to run farms. The mismanagement turned farms into famine across many parts of the Soviet Union/Soviet Ukraine, as a result about 5.7 to 8.7 million deaths occurred because of Stalin’s demands for government farming and crops.

From 1958 to about 1962 China’s Chairman Mao, during the “Great Leap Forward”, forced citizens to give up their grain, seeds, and farming tools to the government to help meet industry goals, and were beaten up if the government found any hidden grain. About 45 million perished by way of famine, or starvation.

It is also reported that Mao was responsible for about 1.5 million deaths during the Cultural Revolution.

Food Disruptions

Food disruptions are moving across the world, like bird flu, food processing plants catching fire or planes crashing into them, beef being recalled because of E. Coli, and list goes on. Check out the video below for more.

Golden Opportunity

Biden officials said yesterday, that this push could help the administration go towards green energy farms. As stated ‘Never let a crisis go to waste’.

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