12-year-old Boy Shoots Neighbor, Takes His Guns

A 12-year-old boy in Wisconsin was arrested for killing his adult neighbor for his guns, and a Domino’s receipt played a role in his arrest.

Boy Kills Neighbor For His Gun

The Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office has filed a criminal complaint against a minor, whose name has been redacted, on charges of first-degree intentional homicide.

According to the complaint filed by the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office, the minor, who lived next door, allegedly killed 34-year-old Brandon Felton at his home on March 15. The two had played video games together previously.

Brandon Felton’s body was discovered in a pool of blood on March 18, and an autopsy revealed that he had been fatally shot in the head.

Felton’s cousin found his body after not hearing from him for several days and went to his home.

Pizza Delivery Receipt Helps Police

According to the warrant, a spent shell casing was discovered alongside a pizza delivery receipt.

“Police located a receipt in the living room on an end table (the same end table where the aforementioned casing was found). That receipt was for a ‘Domino’s Pizza’ order which showed an order for food was placed by ‘Brandy,’” the complaint said.

The delivery receipt listed a phone number.

A detective, according to the complaint, called the phone number on the receipt, which was answered by a “young-sounding male,” the complaint said. The person who picked up denied knowing someone named Brandy and hung up, the complaint said.

According to the complaint, the minor’s mother brought him to speak with the police on March 18 after he learned of Felton’s death from his grandmother. During the interview, the minor claimed ownership of the phone found at the scene, denying anyone else had used or borrowed it.

The boy’s account, according to the complaint, changed several times.

“The defendant then continuously stated that he did not order food that night and has never ordered food from Felton’s house. He claimed he had no idea about the pizza and that Felton never used his phone to order food,” the complaint said. “The Defendant was then shown the receipt that was recovered from Felton’s residence and was asked if he knew what happened to Felton. The Defendant replied he did not know, then was told that Felton was killed. The Defendant then stated he did not know about that (despite earlier indicating that his grandma informed him about what happened to Felton).”

Boy’s Mother Says He Is Lying

The boy confessed to being present at Felton’s home during the time of the murder, and claimed a friend of Felton’s shot him in the back of the head and then proceeded to take an AR-15 and a shotgun from Felton’s bedroom.

The boy’s mother, according to the complaint, told police her son had lied to investigators.

“He and his friends went to Felton’s residence to buy Felton’s guns. Felton was not going to sell the guns and then the Defendant and his friends went to Felton’s to take the guns,” the complaint said.

Detectives found damning text messages sent on March 9th during a search of the boy’s phone with a warrant. “In those messages, the Defendant states that he has a ‘play,’ which Complainant knows is a slang term for a robbery.

The Defendant then indicates the ‘play’ is for a shotgun and a ‘chop’ which Complainant knows is a slang term for an AR-15 style rifle,” the complaint said.

Other text messages from the phone on said: “I’m gonna do it to Brandan” and “Or should I kill him rm,” which was a typo for “right now,” the affidavit said.

Court records indicate that a $100,000 bond was set Monday, it’s not clear whether anyone else has been charged in the case.

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    Our inept AMERICAN judicial system and parole system wouldn’t have it any other way.

  2. satan is running the show, in this country! But what in the world does a 12 year old doing with his OWN gun? Why do stupid parents have kids?

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