The Largest Cocaine Seizure in Norway’s History!

After discovering cocaine in a shipping container of fruit in Germany, Norwegian customs officials made their biggest-ever cocaine seizure.

Norway Finds Over 1,7000 Pounds of Cocaine

Officials announced that in Oslo, police found the biggest cocaine haul ever in Norway, with 1,760 pounds of the drug concealed in fruit crates.

On Thursday, Norwegian news agency NTB reported that German police gave a tipoff that led to the discovery of the drugs in Oslo earlier this week. The German authorities had seized 2,645 pounds of cocaine in Potsdam just two days before.

It’s the Largest Bust in Norway’s History

The police haven’t disclosed the date on which the cocaine was found in Oslo or the origin of the fruit crates. No arrests have been made in Norway.

According to NTB, Grete Lien Metlid, a police spokeswoman, stated that this was the largest cocaine seizure in Norway. It is uncertain whether Norway was being used as a transit point, or if the cocaine was intended for the Norwegian market, she added.

Other Possible Networks and Connections are Likely

“We cannot rule out that there are larger networks with connections to Norway,” Lien Metlid told NTB.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Bama, a major Norwegian fruit and vegetable wholesaler, confirmed that the fruit crates had been received at one of their warehouse facilities.

According to the news agency, the biggest cocaine seizures in Norway were previously in 2013, when 337 pounds of the drug were seized.

In another incident the same year, when 319 pounds were discovered concealed in banana crates.

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