81-year-old Axe Murderer Kills Wife and Daughter

An elderly man from Colorado, age 81, killed his wife and daughter with an axe to ‘stop them from becoming homeless’.

Elderly Man Used an Axe For the Murders

The Denver Post reported that an 81-year-old man allegedly confessed to killing his wife and daughter with an ax, according to police.

Reginald Maclaren has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

Maclaren contacted the Englewood Police Department in Colorado to report that his wife and adult daughter had been murdered.

In a statement released by the Englewood police, it was mentioned that Maclaren informed the authorities that he suspected someone he knew to be responsible for the murders and that a hammer was used in the attack.

Daughter and Wife Were Found Dead

Upon arriving at the scene, officers discovered Maclaren inside the apartment.

During a search of the residence, two people were found inside large trash cans on the floor of the living room/kitchen area.

Police said both women had substantial injuries and had died. 

During their investigation, the Englewood police concluded that Maclaren’s wife and daughter were killed with an ax, and one of the victims was dismembered using a saw.

According to The Denver Post, the victims were identified in the arrest affidavit as Bethany Maclaren, 70, and Ruth Jennifer Maclaren, 35.

Maclaren ‘Didn’t Want His Family to Experience Homelessness’

The Denver Post reported, citing the arrest affidavit, that Maclaren informed investigators that he had recently lost his job working with homeless individuals.

According to police, Maclaren admitted that he had planned and committed the murders because he had lost his job and was unable to pay rent, which he feared would lead to his family becoming homeless.

Maclaren is being held without bond and is scheduled to appear in court this week.

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