Dad Confronts Verbal Sexual Abuse in Daughters Classroom

A father recently attended a schoolboard meeting and confronted them on a recent extremely and disgusting sexual classroom assignment.

Here’s What Happened

During a school board meeting at Churchill High School in Eugene, Oregon, a father accused Kirk Miller, a teacher and football coach, of assigning students an inappropriate task related to their sexual fantasies.

Warning: This video may cause high emotions. It did with me, and I cried in the palms of my hands for the children being subjected to such highly sexual discussions in public classrooms. (opinion)

Here is the assignment his daughter received:

The post received both backlash against the school and support for the Dad.

Some Twitter users pointed out the slippery slope of teaching such R-rated content in school.

Here is the transcript from the video:

FATHER: I am here to discuss this atrocity of assignments. I want to first say that you’re a liar. It’s not a rumor. I have the proof right here in my phone of the whom — “with whom would you do it?” And my daughter specifically stated that the teacher put up a wheel on the class board, and it stated anal penetration, oral sex, licking of ear, kissing. And he wanted them to write down the initials of a boy or girl that they would do these activities with.

Now, I don’t know what’s worse, wanting to know my child’s sexual fantasy or who they’re going to have anal penetration and oral sex with. What is he gaining from this? What do you gain from this information? Why has my daughter, who naively, done the assignment because she’s scared? She wants to get good grades. She wants to get her license. She has to get good grades, and so she does this assignment. Where is this assignment? Why hasn’t she had it turned back to her with her grade on it? What is he doing with it? Is this for his spank bank? Is he literally using this for his sexual deviance?

These are questions that need to be answered. He verbally sexually abused every single child in that classroom. You look up the definition. I gave you the paper for the definition of verbal sexual abuse. Now, sexual abuse is sexual abuse. So, where are the criminal charges? Why is he still teaching? Is it because he’s the football coach and Churchill’s doing good? Don’t want to lose that hype? Because football doesn’t matter when it comes to our children, okay? This sexual deviant needs to be removed. If you do not remove him, I’m giving you my word to date that tomorrow morning, I will go down to the county clerk’s office, and I will file for the removal of every single one of you.

You can read more about the incident, here: Eugene parents decry high school ‘sexual fantasy’ health assignment

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2 thoughts on “Dad Confronts Verbal Sexual Abuse in Daughters Classroom”
  1. This is strictly for the teachers to get off on. That’s why these irrelevant, but perverted “assignments” are given to these kids.

  2. This dad deserves a great big hand for standing up for his daughter. This removal of the coach and if not the entire board needs to be removed immediately. God bless you sir.

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