The Baby Formula Crisis Across America

By Kate Striker May12,2022
There is a baby formula crisis across America, and many parents of infants and babies are struggling to find the formula they need.

There is a baby formula crisis across America, which leads many parents of infants and babies struggling to find the formula they need.

Where Does Baby Formula Come From?

According to reports, the United States does not import but a small amount of baby formula. Four major companies make baby formula in the United States: Abbot, Nestle, Mead Johnson, and Perrigo.

  • Abbott Laboratories is one of the largest manufacturers of baby formula in the US and is the maker of the popular formula Similac.
  • Mead Johnson brands their baby formula as Enfamil.
  • Nestle brands its formula under Gerber.
  • Perrigo makes generic baby formulas.

Amazon also sells its baby formula brand called Mama Bear, but it’s currently unclear where the product is made, making parents cautious about buying the product.

Baby Formula Woes

The FDA forced the Abbott plant to shut down in February after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration found a “failure to follow safety protocols and water on the floor”, which happened after the FDA took a two-year hiatus from inspecting the facility.

It’s reported the FDA is on-site “24/7” to help the plant. However, there’s an ongoing debate about the FDA dragging its feet and how much “help” they are giving.

The most affected states are North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, Tennessee, and Iowa.

Bill Gates And “Bio Milk”

Yes, there is bio millk.

BIOMILQ is the “Next-generation lactation science for human empowerment without compromise. Nutrition of breastmilk. Practicality of formula.” On their FAQs page, they mention how lab-grown breast milk works, “We’re culturing mammary cells outside the body and leveraging their natural ability to produce all 2500+ components of breastmilk.”

Gates jumped into the breastmilk-in-a-lab industry by investing $3.5 million back in 2020.

What Next

America is in a baby formula crisis – what’s next?

On Thursday, Biden spoke with retailers and manufacturers like left-leaning Walmart, Target, Reckitt, and Gerber to help develop a “plan.”

Biden’s plan includes:

  • Importing formula.
  • Ensuring WIC candidates get what they need.
  • Asking the FTC to crack down on any price gouging.

It was rather surprising Biden didn’t mention how the FDA closed down a baby formula manufacturing plant (Abbott) in February year and didn’t warn parents about possible formula shortages. 

It is also interesting that Biden didn’t offer to help Abbott and the FDA by supplying more resources so they can open back up immediately vs. importing from other countries. And, that pallets upon pallets are headed to the southern border for illegal immigrants.

America’s baby formula crisis could last another 10 weeks.

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