George Soros Gives Stacey Abrams $1M To Win GA Gov. Race

By Kate Striker May8,2022

Socialist and holocaust survivor George Soros gave Stacy Abrams $1 Million to help her win the governor’s race in Georgia.

Stacy Abrams

Born December 9, 1973, Stacy Abrams is heterosexual, single, and was raised in Gulfport, Mississippi, by her parents. She is the second of six siblings and moved to Atlanta, Georgia, with her family, where both of her parents graduated with degrees in ministry and later became Methodist ministers.

She started her career at Avondale High School and worked as a typist for a congressional campaign at age 17.

In 2018 Abrams revealed she owed the Feds $54,000 in back taxes and had $174,000 in credit card and student loan debt. Later that year, she ‘found’ $50,000 to donate to her own campaign.

Abrams paid off all of her debt for loans and to the Feds by the following year.

George Soros Gives Abrams $1 Million To Win GA

A few days after she qualified to run in March of this year, George Soros donated $1 million through a super PAC Democracy PAC II, to One George, Abrams’ leadership PAC.

Last month a ruling indicated Abrams can not raise money without limits with the leadership PACs until they are their party’s official candidate. This means, Abrams can’t use the cold hard cash from Soros until she’s named the official Deomoract candidate after this years primary. However, she can keep the money in her campaign coffers and “can’t spend it” yet, according to David Emadi, the executive secretary of the state’s ethics commission.

George Soros, a Jewish billionaire and good pal of the Clinton family, is deeply supportive of the chaos that goes on around the world. For example, this article discusses his dealings with the crime that swept across the country because of his strict dedication to undermining law and order.

He is also tied closely with the Obama family.

Georgia Governor Race

Georgia’s current Governor is Brian Kemp, a Republican who has served one term as governor starting in 2018. He is running against Republican candidate David Perdue. According to recent reports, Kemp has widened his lead over Perdue, and according to Real Clear Politics local poll data, Kemp is also leading against Abrams. 

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