The Abbott Laboratories plant that makes baby formula has closed its doors, again.

The Abbott Laboratories plant that makes baby formula has closed its doors, again.

Abbott Laboratories

Abbot Laboratories is one of the largest manufacturers of baby formula in the United States and is the maker of a popular brand, Similac.

It has recently suspended production at the Sturgis, Michigan plant after a heavy downfall of rain and flooding inside parts of the factory. On Wednesday, June 15th the health care company released a statement blaming serious thunderstorms that caused the major flooding of nearby cities including areas of its plant.

Baby Formula Plant Closes

Because of bad weather, Abbott has stopped production again. The plant was shut down in February after the USDA issued a citation and was only opened two weeks before shutting down again. Before February, the USDA hadn’t visited the facility in over two years.

“This will likely delay production and distribution of new product for a few weeks,” Abbott said.

EleCare, made for infants allergic to cow’s milk, was set to be released on June 20th, because the plant has an ample supply of it already, they will distribute it out as normal, to help customers until more comes available.

Importing Baby Formula

During the baby formula almost-crisis, Biden has promised and continues to promise more infant formula will be available to the US, provided by countries like Singapore, which plans to export infant formula.

Singapore-based Mead Johnson Nutrition/Reckitt plans to send about 4.5 million pounds of base power which can be used to make Enfamil Stage 1, the FDA announced.

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