Several Facebook Key Roles Are Former Pfizer Employees

Several Facebook Key Roles Are Former Pfizer Employees

Several key roles at Facebook have been filled by former high-level Pfizer employees who were hired during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Facebook’s Pandemic Influence

When the pandemic began in 2019, the world needed information on how to deal with the COVID-19 virus. Many turned to social media to obtain suggestions on how to deal with the pandemic, lockdowns, and health risks.

Facebook was one of the most significant influences, along with Tik Tok and Instagram (owned by Facebook).

During the height of the pandemic, the information police on Facebook marked and removed tons of posts claiming false news. However, many pushed back, noting some of the posts were from reputable, viable, and trustworthy sources who were once revered but were made to look incompetent on media platforms.

Voices against vaccines were silenced, along with those who recommended specific vitamins and holistic prevention and healing. Doctors were under fire and lost their jobs if they went against what seemed like a narrative across the US if it went against pharmaceutical recommendations.

Pfizer’s Pandemic Influence

Many people heard of Pfizer before the vaccine, because of thier reputation for providing medicine for those in need. The pandemic was their moment to shine, and indeed they did.

Not only did they get contracts with the government to be the “go-to” vaccine manufacturer during the pandemic, and as recently as last month, according to a report by GovCon Wire things got even cozier. “The U.S. government is procuring up to 405 million COVID-19 vaccine doses from a partnership between Pfizer (NYSE: PFE) and BioNTech (Nasdaq: BNTX) under a $3.2 billion firm-fixed-price contract.”

Pfizer’s tight-knit connections claimed a stake in U.S. health via covid vaccines, making them very valuable to stakeholders. High-level employees were hired from the pharmaceutical company to help run several critical departments at Facebook, the social media giant that censored vaccine posts. 

It seemed that the U.S. government, Pfizer and Facebook started to have more and more in common.

Facebook’s Audit And Marketing Leads Directors Are Former Pfizer Employees

According to the National Pulse, here are some of the Facebook hires from Pfizer.

Facebook’s influential Internal Audit Director, Tiffany Stokes, was formerly a Senior Director of finance and legal operations for five years at Pfizer before joining Facebook in January 2020.

Brian Groves, Pfizer’s former Chief Marketing Officer for consumer healthcare in the U.S., worked for 14 years at the pharmaceutical company before joining Facebook as a Director of its Global Clients and Categories.

Facebook hired Pfizer’s former Senior Public Affairs and Corporate Communications Project Manager as the company’s Corporate Communications Manager in 2019.

former Director for Digital Marketing and Innovation at Pfizer now works for Facebook as a Client Partner for its Global Marketing Solutions branch since 2018.

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