Red Cardinals Are ‘Messengers From Heaven’

Red Cardinals are beloved birds for their beauty and bold colors, and many don’t know they come with different symbolism and meanings.

The Majestic Red Cardinals

Cardinal symbolism is quite a mystery for many people – evoking a variety of emotions.

Cardinals, known to be songbirds, have strong beaks and are mainly found all along North, Central, and South America and are rich in a variety of vibrant colors. These birds have a bold reputation and are known to be monogamous with their mates and very territorial.

They range from red or the rare yellow, or even a paler pink or green. No wonder various sports teams use the cardinal as a mascot to signify this strong, protective bird

It’s said that the red birds were named cardinal because of their bright coloring that matches the red robes of the cardinal priests in the Roman Catholic church.

(Different cultures and religions have various ideas regarding the symbol of a cardinal.)

“When European settlers arrived in North America, they noticed these birds’ bright red hue and how closely it resembled the red vestments of Roman Catholic leading bishops,” the Farmer’s Almanac reported.

“And the bird’s jaunty crest is similar in shape to the church officials’ headgear, especially the tall, pointed mitre.”

The bright hue goes beyond the pointed adornments of the Catholic Church. “The red color of the cardinal is seen as a symbol of the blood of Jesus Christ,” Fr. Jeffrey Kirby, pastor of our Lady of Grace in Indian Land, South Carolina said.

“In Christian belief, it is the blood of the Lord Jesus that has opened the gates of paradise to humanity.”

It is because of this religious correlation that many believe a visit from a cardinal serves as a sign or heavenly message from a departed loved one.

According to folklore, religion, and indigenous beliefs, Cardinals predominantly symbolize:

  • Happiness
  • Love
  • Good Fortune
  • Determination
  • Self-confidence
  • Strong personality
  • Power – This could be over yourself or even others
  • Mental and physical alertness
  • Family and the importance of it
  • A loved one after their passing
  • The skill to adapt to any circumstance without a problem
  • Protection
  • Importance of sharing with others

Native Americans believe that if you see a Cardinal and you’re single, there may be a romantic relationship in the future. If you’re already in a relationship, you may experience renewed courtship and romance.

As far as the rich red colors, many people are surprised that the females are not as vibrantly colorful as the male red birds.





Seeing a cardinal can mean a variety of different things.

It depends on the person seeing it, and what’s happening in their life at the time, and may change based on spiritual and religious beliefs.

This article is dedicated to my love for sharing the article topic (he loves Red Cardinals!) and my sweet Mom, who has always loved watching Red Cardinals from her front porch.

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