Good Samaritans Overturn 3,600 Pound Car To Save Driver (Video)

A 19-year-old driver was saved after a horrific crash in Georgia, thanks to the heroic actions of several police officers and bystanders.

Good Citizens Help Save Teen Trapped In Car

On September 13th, Sergeant Michael Peterson with the Lawrenceville, Georgia, Police Department spotted a car speeding down the highway and pursued it only to find the car had crashed just down the road.

In body and dashcam footage posted online by Lawrenceville PD, you can see officers pulling up to the overturned vehicle on the side of the highway.

The video shows Peterson approaching the overturned car as two young men, seemingly unharmed, exiting the back seat on their own.

The passengers frantically tell Peterson that the driver is still trapped and needs help.

Under Peterson’s direction, the young men and another officer attempted to lift the car, but it proved too heavy.

Fortunately, another car of good Samaritans and three more officers arrived and the group could lift the vehicle enough to pull the driver safely out.

“C’mon ya’ll, we got this,” Sgt. Peterson can be heard saying.

The Lawrenceville Police Department confirmed that the teen driver had suffered several injuries but was recovering in a medical facility.

It was the Department’s opinion that he would not have made it without the rapid action of Peterson and the Good Samaritans.

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