Dad Removes Clothing at School Board Meeting To Make A Point

A father in Arizona stripped down at a school board meeting to make a point about a proposed dress code change—but the sight of Ira Latham in a crop top and short shorts didn’t alter the board’s decision.

“Under the proposed policy this would be appropriate in a classroom,” Latham said at the meeting of the Higley Unified School District board in Gilbert, per 12News.

“As a dad, that’s very concerned about my children as well as everyone else’s kids in the district, I wanted to make a clear argument,” said Latham, who was protesting a plan to update the dress code for the first time in more than 20 years.

Under the old policy, students were banned from exposing their chests or midriffs. The updated policy only banned students from exposing their underwear or “private body parts,” 3TV reports.

Latham said he bought the skimpy outfit at a thrift store and his “concerns were about preparing students for entering the workforce.”

The board passed the dress code change in a 3-2 vote.

“Did his removing clothing have any effect on me or the meeting? No, it didn’t,” said board president Tiffany Shultz. She said the board had heard from many other members of the community.

Shultz said the new policy is similar to that of other schools in the area. “We want teachers to be teaching and not having to waste time measuring a girl’s shirt or making a girl feel uncomfortable,” she said.

“To summarize, this was to allow families to decide, move our policies forward and allow teachers to concentrate on teaching.”

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  1. LOVE this man and Have great respect for his standing up and visually offending those who offend every commonsense and logic there is in our bodies and minds. GOOD for Him and May God protect him from the parasites we call leaders

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