Newsome Approves Ebony Alert For Missing Black Children

By Alex Steele Oct12,2023 #Gavin Newsome

A new California law will create an emergency alert system to help find missing Black youth and women between 12 and 25.

Ebony Alert Is Like The Amber Alert

Senate Bill 673, signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom on Sunday, will create the “Ebony Alert” system for missing Black children and young women.

When activated, the proposed system – similar to Amber or Silver alerts — would inform people of missing Black children and young women between the ages of 12 and 25.

State Sen. Steven Bradford, who sponsored the legislation, tells the Washington Post that the age range is intended to account for young Black women who are victims of sex trafficking.

The alert system will use electronic highway signs and encourage television, radio, social media, and other platforms to spread information about the missing persons alert.

California also has a Feather Alert system for missing Indigenous people and a Silver Alert system for missing people over 65.

Last year, more than 130,000 Black children under 18 were reported missing in the US, data from the National Crime Information Center shows.

The new alert system will go into effect on Jan. 1, 2024.

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One thought on “Newsome Approves Ebony Alert For Missing Black Children”
  1. I’ve seen POC children on Amber Alerts
    Amber being the color of CAUTION.
    Because a child, is a child, is a child.
    POC say Whites are racist?

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