Mayor Weds An Alligator For “Good Fortune”

The mayor of a small Mexican town has married a crocodile bride in a colorful ceremony that is believed to bring good fortune to his people.

Mexican Mayor Marries An Alligator

The seven-year-old crocodile, known as ‘little princess’, is thought to be a deity representing mother earth. Her marriage to San Pedro Huamelula Mayor, Victor Sosa, symbolizes the joining of humans with the divine.

This marriage ritual has been practiced for 230 years to commemorate the peace between the Chontal and Huave Indigenous groups. The mayor, embodying the Chontal king, weds the reptile, symbolizing the union of the two cultures.

Now mixed with Catholic spirituality, the age-old ritual involves dressing the crocodile in a white wedding dress. 

Prior to the ceremony, the reptile is taken to people’s houses for dancing.

The bide alligator’s snout was temporarily wrapped shut to prevent her from biting her new husband or any of the wedding guests. This made it possible for the groom to safely kiss the alligator bride once the ceremony was completed, thereby making the union “official.”

The mayor dances with the reptile bride, and the event celebrates the union of cultures, bringing happiness to the people.

The Mexican wedding ceremony took place at the town hall, where a local fisherman expresses hopes for good fishing and prosperity.

Wedding ceremony like this allows the communities to connect with the earth and seek blessings for rain, crop germination, and harmony.

“The wedding allows the sides to link with what is the emblem of Mother Earth, asking the all-powerful for rain, the germination of the seed, all those things that are peace and harmony for the Chontal man,” Jaime Zarate, chronicler of San Pedro Huamelula, explained, as per AFP’s report.

Surviving indigenous people of the Americas have done their best to preserve their most sacred ancient traditions.

Their indigenous beliefs have been liberally mixed with Catholicism, creating blended spiritual traditions that include an eclectic combination of both ancient and Christian practices.

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