Body Found in Freezer Of Empty Home

A 35-year-old man was found dead inside a chest freezer in the basement of a home in northern Minnesota last week.

Here’s What Happened

Police Chief Ty Techar said the body of Brandon Lee Buschman, 35, of Babbitt, was found Monday inside a chest freezer.  The freezer is in the basement of a home at 304 4th Ave. North in Biwabik, Minnesota, and has been unoccupied since February, according to Techar.

The Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office stated no evidence of trauma or injury was found during the autopsy, but toxicology reports are pending, Gilbert police said.

“The chest freezer in which Buschman’s body was discovered is an older style freezer that locks automatically when closed and is not capable of being pushed open or unlocked from the inside when closed,” according to Techar.

Authorities say that the freezer was an older-style model that locks automatically when closed and cannot be opened from the inside. However, the freezer was also not on at the time of the discovery.

Toxicology reports will not be available for several weeks, according to Techar.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call the Gilbert Police Department at (218) 748-2225.

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