Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi Seen Holding Hands

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Footage of President Biden and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi clasping hands as they gingerly shuffled across the tarmac at San Francisco’s airport is being mercilessly derided as proof of the commander-in-chief’s infirmity — with one calling it a “nursing home reunion.”

Biden, 81, reunited with Pelosi (D-Calif.), 83, when he touched down at SFO Wednesday afternoon as part of a three-day fundraising marathon through the Golden State, NBC News reported.

After greeting Pelosi and Mayor London Breed on the tarmac, the octogenarian president and the speaker emerita slowly made their way to board Marine One, footage showed.

The pair clutched hands for most of the journey.

“Can either one walk?” one X user snarked.

“Two old cronies plotting and holding each other up,” another chimed in.

Biden and Pelosi.
The photo op was mocked mercilessly on the internet. AFP via Getty Images

A third commenter called the stroll “On Golden Pond Part II,” referring to the 1981 movie starring Henry Fonda and Katharine Hepburn as an elderly couple tasked with caring for their teenage grandson.

“She could have just brought a walker!” scoffed a fourth, while another critic joked, “Geriatrics unite!!”

Biden took the presidential chopper to San Francisco’s Marina Green, NBC said. Pelosi was on hand to co-host at least one fundraising event for the president in the city that evening.

During one gathering at the home of billionaire Democratic donor Gordon Getty, Biden raised eyebrows by referring to his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, as “a crazy SOB.”

President BIden was in San Francisco for a series of fundraisers.
President Biden was in San Francisco for a series of fundraisers.

The reaction to the tarmac walk was just the latest in a series of cascading criticisms about the president’s age.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) blasted Democrats on his podcast Wednesday for backing the octogenarian for a second term, insisting they would prop him up “Weekend at Bernie’s”-style to retain control of the White House.

“They’re not worried that he lacks the competence to do the job. There’s only one thing they’re worried about — that he would lose,” Cruz, 53, ranted on his podcast.

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