Border Patrol agents have begun releasing illegal aliens on U.S. streets shortly after they cross from Mexico into California and Arizona.

San Diego Gets Hit With Illegals

Hundreds of migrants waiting between layers of border fencing after entering the United States from Tijuana have since been processed by federal authorities, with many migrants then being dropped off by U.S. Border Patrol agents at transit centers throughout San Diego County.

The illegals are from around the world and have been released from immigration detention, where they’ve been processed and given court dates.

“They’re actually in deportation proceedings. So, they have a notice to appear in court, and for many of them, that notice to appear maybe in New York, or it might be in Massachusetts or Florida, all over the country,” said Lindsay Toczylowski, the executive Director of the Immigrant Defenders Law Center.

Many migrants who were dropped off at the Iris Avenue Transit Center appeared lost and confused on Thursday and Friday.

In the video, the Border Patrol agent says, “You’re free to go, wherever you want.” The man he was talking to wanted to go to Chicago.

The mass drop-offs, which began Wednesday and continued Thursday, overwhelmed nonprofit agencies who were scrambling to provide migrants with basic resources such as food and clothing, as well as shelter in hotel rooms and with host families.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection temporarily closed the PedWest border crossing Thursday morning, saying its officers were needed to assist Border Patrol in processing the increase in migrants arriving at the border in recent days.

The number of migrants crossing the border in San Diego and the Tucson Sector of Arizona has been steadily rising, with border agents in the Tucson Sector now apprehending as many as 2,000 a day, according to a Border Patrol official.

Near Nogales, Arizona, agents released 100 to 200 migrants per day into the U.S. on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, according to the official.

The border as a whole has seen multiple days this week of over 7,000 illegal crossings, and when combined with migrants who have come to the ports of entry, that number rises to over 9,000.

Early indications show illegal immigrant entries for August are on track to exceed 230,000, making it the sixth month this fiscal year over 200,000.

Border Patrol leadership is setting “bookout” targets to more quickly process migrants either into the interior or into deportation or removal.

Republicans in Congress are pushing for a border security to be passed in the Senate, having already passed the House.

But that has shown little chance of receiving Democratic support, while Republicans have rejected a Democratic reform bill to include an amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants.

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  1. not that many years ago my grandfather and grandmother came to this country to find a new home. They were welcomed with open arms and since raised 5 generations of tax paying citizens . I say that perhaps we might look at this from a different angle?

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