Homeowner’s Association Embezzled Over $2 Million

By Alex Steele May19,2023 #Florida #HOA
Several current and former board members of Florida homeowner's association face charges for embezzling over $2 million.

Several current and former board members of Florida homeowner’s association face charges for embezzling over $2 million.

Residents at Hammocks Community Association Were Taken For a Ride

The Miami-Dade State Attorney, Katherine Fernandez Rundle, has officially announced multiple charges against both present and former board members of a prominent state homeowner’s association called Hammocks Community Association, Kendall, Florida.

During a press conference held on Tuesday, Rundle disclosed that the defendants stand accused of pilfering in excess of $2 million from the very residents they were entrusted to oversee.

The charges include theft, fraud, and money laundering.

The Defendants

The defendants have been identified as:

  • Monica Isabel Ghilardi (52), the current president of the board
  • Myriam Arango Rodgers (76)
  • Yoleidis Lopez Garcia (47)
  • Marglli Gallego (41)
  • Jose Antionio Gonzalez (45)

Each individual named in the case has served or is currently serving on the board of the Hammocks Community Association, which reportedly holds the distinction of being one of Florida’s largest homeowner’s associations.

Responsible for the governance of over 40 communities and the welfare of approximately 6,500 residents in West Kendall, this association has become a focal point for the investigation.

Checks Were Issues for Services Never Rendered

According to prosecutors, much of the inquiry revolves around the alleged falsification of checks for services that were never rendered.

Instead, the culprits would redirect the funds to accomplices, who would then launder the money and return it, minus a small percentage.

Despite the apprehension of the suspects, the investigation remains ongoing and active.

“This case is far from concluded,” stated Rundle, emphasizing that further developments are expected.

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