Casey Anthony’s Dad Struggles During Lie Detector Test

Casey Anthony’s father appeared in front of his Florida home for the first time this week ahead of the release of a TV special.

Casey Anthony’s Dad Agrees To Lie Detector Test For TV

Dubbed “America’s most hated mom,” Casey Anthony, 37, was accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, in 2008 but has alleged that her father is the real perpetrator. The TV show is set to premiere tonight at 9 p.m. ET, in which he and his wife agree to take a polygraph test to set the record straight.

It took 31 days for Casey to call the police and tell them Caylee was missing.

On July 15, 2008, Casey’s mother, Cindy, first alerted the authorities to Caylee’s disappearance. The little girl’s body was found a few months later, in December, when her death was ruled a homicide.

Casey stood trial in 2011, and the jury acquitted her of murder, manslaughter, and child abuse.

During the trial, Casey accused George of sexually abusing her when she was a child and of disposing of Caylee’s body, claims he vehemently denied in court.

In 2022, Casey doubled down in a Peacock docuseries, where she also accused George of staging Caylee’s death to make it seem like it was Casey’s fault.

Anthony became the most hated woman in the US after she was seen partying just days after her daughter went missing and was later found murdered

A&E’s explanation of the TV special is: Casey Anthony’s parents undergo polygraph tests to answer lingering questions:

In response to Casey Anthony’s recent accusations against her father, George and Cindy Anthony agree to undergo polygraph tests on-camera to answer lingering questions about George’s involvement in Caylee’s death in the new special, “Casey Anthony’s Parents: The Lie Detector Test.” Their real-time responses to the polygraph questions are laid bare in the documentary along with each spouse’s reaction to the other’s answers and the lie detector results. As old wounds are ripped open again, will the polygraph tests finally bring closure?

For the A&E TV special, George agreed to get hooked up to a polygraph for an upcoming show on Lifetime, “Casey Anthony’s Parents: The Lie Detector Test.”

Former FBI examiner George Olivo asked the grandfather: ‘Did you knowingly conceal Caylee’s whereabouts?’ 

‘No, I mean I didn’t know where she was at,’ George replied as he got choked up.

As Olivo kept asking if the father and grandfather knew where Caylee’s body was, he noticed that George was ‘struggling’, and asked why. 

‘Maybe it’s because I – it was so close to our house that she was found,’ George said.

During a sneak peek of the new special, the examiner conducted a pre-test interview where he asked George if he sexually abused his daughter Casey. 

As he continued to become affected by the questions, he said that he began to ‘visualize the woods.’ 

‘The woods where she was found. I’m sorry, I’m sorry.’  

George walked in front of his house on Tuesday and appeared to have a relatively calm demeanor while he spoke on the phone. 

He also appears to have lost weight over the last year.

Casey has also tried to keep a low profile since the trial, living a quiet life in South Florida where she has tried to avoid the spotlight and the general public.

She now lives in West Palm Beach where she currently works as private investigator, and has maintained a social life by drinking with friends at local bars. 

The new documentary special is set to air on tonight, Thursday at 9 pm ET on A&E and Lifetime. 

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