Teen Cuts Sisters Head Off, Walks On Street With Her Head

A 19 year old teen in western Mexico discombobulated bystanders after he was observed walking the streets in broad daylight ‘parading’ his sister’s head who he had moments earlier had decapitated and left her naked corpse outside a gas station.

The teen, identified by his first name, Sebastian, allegedly murdered his elder sibling, Julieta, 29, in the municipality of Quiroga, Michoacán on Saturday, the Michoacán state prosecutor’s office said, local media reported

Social media identified the suspect as Sebastián Mejia, 19 and the victim as his older sister, Julieta Mejia.

Astounded bystanders saw Sebastián walking with Julieta’s head near a government-run clinic and called the police.

Michoacán State Police agents found the teenager steps away from the clinic and arrested him without incident and confiscated a rifle that he was carrying.

Authorities found Julieta’s naked corpse lying on the ground at gas station about 820 feet away from the clinic.

The head was located several feet away from the body.

Sebastián is currently being held by the Michoacán state prosecutor’s office while he is investigated for the alleged crime, the dailymail reported.

As of Monday, authorities had not said why Sebastián murdered his sister and if any other people were involved.

Noted an account posted on social media:

Sebastián Mejia of 19 years, brother of the young woman and who according to the collected data had always shown good behavior, liked to play football and was a quiet boy, however both young men suffered difficult family conditions due to alcoholism of one of their parents.

The area was cordoned for experts from the Crime Scene and Expert Services Unit to carry out the respective processing, and the removal of remains, which were sent to Semefo, for relevant studies.

To date it remained unclear what charges the teen brother faced as a local community tried to make sense of the shocking and gruesome chain of events.

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