Biden Crackdown Targets More Home Appliances

The Biden administration has proposed criteria to remove “less cost-effective” heat pump water heaters for more “energy-efficient” ones.

More Home Appliances On Biden’s Chopping Block

The newest target is water heaters.

A Department of Energy (DOE) proposal released late Friday said new regulations would ultimately “accelerate deployment” of electric heat pump water heaters, claiming it would save Americans billions of dollars and reduce carbon emissions. 

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today proposed new energy efficiency standards to save consumers $11.4 billion on their energy and water bills every year. The Congressionally-mandated proposed standards for residential water heaters align with recommendations from stakeholders, including two of the largest water heater manufacturers and the Consumer Federation of America. The proposal would require the most common-sized electric water heaters to achieve efficiency gains with heat pump technology and gas-fired instantaneous water heaters to achieve efficiency gains through condensing technology. These standards, which would take effect in 2029 if finalized, are expected to save Americans approximately $198 billion and reduce 501 million metric tons of harmful carbon dioxide emissions cumulatively over 30 years—roughly equivalent to the combined annual emissions of 63 million homes, or approximately 50 percent of homes in the United States.

DOE Proposal

Regulators and experts say the proposed rule, which could be revised after the department solicits comments and holds a public hearing, is significant because water heating accounts for about 13 percent of U.S. consumers’ annual residential energy use and utility costs.

Heat pumps are more than twice as efficient as previous technology.

Manufacturers will have to invest in making compliant water heaters. Still, many have expected to do so for more than a decade, said Andrew deLaski, the Appliance Standards Awareness Project executive director.

The Biden administration will also implement new rules impacting more home items, including consumer furnaces, pool pumps, battery chargers, ceiling fans, and dehumidifiers.

They boasted in December that it had taken 110 actions on energy efficiency rules in 2022 alone as part of its 2030 US and world agenda.

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