Billion Dollar Theme Park Opening On Route 66

A new theme park from American Heartland, a $2 billion and 1,000-acre development, will be built on Route 66.

New Family Theme Park Opening

The $2 billion theme park destination, American Heartland Theme Park and Resort, is proposed to be a 1,000-acre resort destination.

It’s expected to attract around 5 million guests per year, the park said in a press release shared on Wednesday.

At 125 acres, the “Americana-themed” park will be comparable in size to Disneyland or the Magic Kingdom at Disney World, American Heartland said in a news release.

Working in collaboration with Mansion Entertainment Group’s Executive Producer of Project Development, Steve Hedrick, THG crafted the initial concept master plan and is currently engaged in show design of the park’s primary attractions.

The design team is also collaborating with renowned design firms such as FORREC and Cuningham.

About The Park

American Heartland Theme Park and Resort will be built in phases, starting with a large-scale RV park with cabins scheduled to open phase one in spring 2025, a film and television studio, and a world-class theme park and resort afterward.

The park will feature six American “lands”: Great Plains, Bayou Bay, Big Timber Falls, Stony Point Harbor, Liberty Village, and Electropolis.

The American Heartland Theme Park and Resort will offer a unique visitor experience rivaling the world’s top resort destinations.

Just west of Grand Lake on Route 66 and roughly 220 miles from the Texas border, the theme park and resort will be less than 600 miles away from San Antonio, which is about a nine hour drive.

The development is an affiliate of Mansion Entertainment Group, based in Branson, Missouri. 

This development was officially announced in an hour-long ceremony, live streamed by the Vinita Daily Journal.

Liberty Village will model a classic American small town. The Great Plains will represent the region and include “Native American traditions and stories,” according to Hendrick. Bayou Bay will be swamp-theme, featuring a boat adventure.

Big Timber Falls will serve as a forest-like, “rugged” American experience. Stony Point Harbor will model a coastal town, including fresh seafood and a lighthouse attraction. The coastal portion will include the Stony Point Inn, a 300 room in-park hotel. Electropolis will provide visitors a history of American innovation.

The park will also include several rides, attractions and shows. 

Oklahoma Will Be Busy In 2025

State representatives at the announcement ceremony included Interim Director of the Oklahoma Department of Commerce Hopper Smith, who said Three Ponies will bring an estimated 4.9 million people a year to northeast Oklahoma, estimating 2 million from out-of-state.

“American Heartland’s long-term impact will be transformative not only for northeast Oklahoma, but for the entire region,” Smith said.

More than 20 former Disney Parks builders and Walt Disney Imagineers are working on the project. The design team for American Heartland is made up of the “world’s best theme park designers,” according to the release. 

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