Biden’s admin is still focused on banning gas stoves, although they say the initial ban will only be for “high-end models.”

Get Ready – Gas Stoves Will Soon Be a Thing of the Past

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm fielded questions on her department’s proposed efficiency standards for gas and electric stove appliances Thursday, reiterating to lawmakers that there is currently no plan to ban gas stoves.

Instead, she says that the ban would only be towards “high-end” models and that there is no “ban.”

Granholm insisted that the majority of residential stoves won’t be affected by the changes. She told lawmakers that when the Department of Energy (DOE) tested gas stoves for compliance with a new regulation, “in this case they picked the gas stoves that were most likely to be affected.” 

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm Says They Don’t Want To Ban All Gas Stoves — Just SOME Gas Stoves

Those that would be affected are “high-end” gas stoves that have “heavy grates” and oval-shaped burners which cause “an excess amount of natural gas to be emitted relative to the pot that’s on there,” she explained.

The cost to bring these stove tops into compliance with the new regulations would be about $12 per appliance, she said. 

“If we want to be energy secure and energy independent, that means we’ve got to produce our own energy,” Granholm said in an interview with VOA News on Friday. “My counterpart in Ireland, the energy minister there, has said that no one has ever weaponized access to the sun. No one has ever weaponized the wind. Perhaps a move to clean energy will be the greatest peace plan the world has ever known.”

“That’s what the bill that the president signed yesterday, for the United States, it is the largest commitment to combating climate change of any country in the world,” Granholm said, referring to the recently signed spending bill passed through Congress by Democrats.

Stacy Abrams Is On The ‘Ban the Gas Stoves Committee’

Georgia Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams is being called out for featuring a gas-powered stove in a campaign ad after joining an environmental group that is pushing to ban such stoves.

Cooking by Stacey Abrams May 30, 2022

Rewiring America, a self-described nonprofit “focused on electrifying our homes, businesses, and communities,” announced last week that Abrams, a Democrat, will join its team as senior counsel.

The group, which maintains that Americans must broadly electrify their homes in an effort to combat climate change is also a central player in the push to regulate and ultimately eliminate natural gas-powered stove’s.

Stacey Abrams reveals she will ‘likely’ run again for GA governor.

Granholm Says US Can Learn From China

During an interview at the annual SXSW conference in Austin, Texas earlier this month, Granholm sang the praises of China for its efforts to reduce climate change, claiming the country is actually “very sensitive” about climate change, more so than the United States.

The U.S. and China have agreed to cooperate on the climate crisis in the last couple of years, though some experts don’t believe that China is as serious about protecting the climate as the country claims. 

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