World’s Dirtiest Man Dies After Taking Bath For First Time in 60 Years

By Alex Steele Oct29,2022

The “world’s dirtiest man”, who lived in Iran, died at the age of 94, just days after taking a bath for the first time in over 60 years.

Who Is The World Dirtiest Man?

An Iranian hermit who had been unofficially dubbed the “world’s dirtiest man” after not showering for some 60 years has died at age 94, state media reported.

Photo by NY Post

“Amu Haji”, Uncle Haji, as he was referred to died last Sunday in a village in the country’s southern province of Fars, state news agency IRNA reported.

Haji was known for his stance against bathing, for example, just a few years ago a group of villagers took Haji to a nearby river in an attempt to bathe him but he threw himself out of the car and ran away.

In a CNN report, the locals in the area all treated him and his condition with respect, IRNA reported, understanding that his fear of getting sick was the reason he avoided water.

The dirtiest man was well known for his grime-covered black skin and matted hair. He abstained from washing because he believed soap and water would make him sick.

For most of his life he lived in isolation in an open brick hut, which villagers made after he started sleeping in a hole in the ground.

The NY Post reports that locals attributed Haji’s eccentricity to “emotional setbacks” in his youth. In 2014, the Tehran Times reported that Haji also avoided fresh food, opting instead for rotted porcupine, and smoked a pipe of animal excrement. 

Photo by NY Post

Here’s What Happened

According to Fox News Villagers had recently pressured him to bathe, and “for the first time a few months ago, villagers had taken him to a bathroom to wash,” the IRNA report stated.

Speaking to the Hindustan Times several years ago, Singh said his lack of hygiene was an attempt to help “all the problems confronting the nation.” Neighbors argued the then-63-year-old man, the father of 7 daughters, was actually abstaining from cleanliness in the hopes of having a son.

“Not long after, he fell ill and finally, on Sunday … he gave up his life,” the report continued, according to The Telegraph.

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