Woman Stabs Grandfather in the Face, Didn’t Want To Take A Shower

A 22-year-old woman in Louisiana was arrested for stabbing her grandfather after arguing about her lack of showering and general hygiene habits.

Here’s What Happened

A 22-year-old woman in Louisiana was arrested this week for allegedly stabbing her grandfather in the face after they argued about her lack of showering and general hygiene habits.

The Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office said in a press release that they arrested Carrington Elise Harris after an investigation revealed that the 22-year-old threw a violent tantrum after her grandfather confronted her over her hygienic patterns.

Deputies said they arrived at the home in Keithville, Louisiana on a domestic disturbance call.

The elderly couple told law enforcement that they argued with their grandchild “after they asked her to shower.”

According to a statement from the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office, Carrington Elise Harris was taken into custody after a probe revealed that she threw a massive tantrum, and damaged the house belongings before attacking her grandfather.

The woman was enraged after the episode and started breaking things in the house and also cut off the power to the residence from outside.

Police said that the grandparents tried to restrain Harris, but she escaped. She allegedly went to the kitchen, grabbed a knife and “stabbed her grandfather in the face.”

After this, Harris fled to the nearby woods to hide from the police as they arrived on the scene. After an hours-long search, the woman apprehended her.

She was booked into the Caddo County Correctional Centre and has not been given the option of posting a bond.

The victim was shifted to the Willis-Knighton South and the Center for Women’s Health in Shreveport, Louisiana for medical treatment of his injuries.

Jail records show that Harris was arrested in May of this year and charged with one count of domestic abuse battery. The status of that case was not immediately clear, nor was it clear who else was involved in the earlier battery charge.

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  1. Stab her back and in the face. One good turn deserves another. Some people only learn when what they do to others is done to them. Then forgive her, pray for her and move on for your own safety

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